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FAQ: General Information  (2 questions)
For general information regarding this site.
  1. How to point your domain to our Servers?
  2. How do I access my control panel?

FAQ Answers: General Information
  1. How to point your domain to our Servers?

    In order for your domain to become accessible to the internet community on our servers, you must instruct your domain registrar that your domain is hosted on our DNS servers.

    You can typically update your domain's Name Server settings yourself by loging on to your account at your domain registrar's site and adding our Name Servers to your domain. The values for our name servers are:


    Changing the name server information for your domain could take up to 48 hrs to propogate through the Internet. During this time, you may access your new site on our servers by using the IP address provided in your account activation notice e-mail.


  2. How do I access my control panel?

    You may access your control panel using the following URL:


    or if you want secure, encrypted access:


    where you substitute your website's domain name for "yourdomain.com".

    If your domain's Name Server informantion has not transfered to our servers yet, you can substitue the IP address of the server provided to you in your account activation e-mail.



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